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Kodiak Cub Trailer

Price: $18,070.00

The Kodiak Cub Trailer has a compact footprint 6.39' X 10.4' but still gives a useable work and storage area that meets and in some cases may exceed a larger unit. In a total length less than 11 feet, with the fuel and storage efficient design of the front nose section, the Cub has over 145 cubic feet of storage.The full-length underbelly storage area is accessible from the front or the rear with ample room for an anvil swing out.

Tandem torsion axels with electric brakes at each wheel, give optimum ride without the gear jarring effect of springs. Heavy duty trailer tires & spare with chrome wheels are standard.

Trailer weight when reasonably equipped with all your tools and supplies will usually be less than 2,500 pounds.

Interior volume, when the underbelly storage area is counted, is greater than most full-size truck bodies. It can easily be pulled by a mid-size car or truck.

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  Base Price for Cub Trailer  $15,045

Complete package with an anvil-swing is $18070.00.

-Completely equipped includes 3x GFI protected electrical outlets (one in front nose - two overhead rear, 4'light & 40' Reelcraft cord reel, Front wall shoe rack with 15 positions front-facing / 26 positions rear-facing (263" storage approx. 260 PR shoes) , dual overhead pad and nail trays, tool caddy, 2x propane storage, 1x 14" x36" HD slide table, shoeing box (cup holders) keep the box from moving & tipping, and a swing-out for your forge.

Highly recommended is the addition of an anvil swing-out. Save space inside the unit and wear and tear on your body. Installed $650.



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