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Kodiak Hoof Rest

Price: $219.00

This patented device, HoofRest™, is designed primarily for anyone working with horsesThe HoofRest™ is the safest and easiest method to help relieve the difficult task of holding the horse's foot in an accessible position. It was designed by farriers to make their job easier. Whether checking for lameness, picking out the hoof, changing screw studs or just a minor trim, the HoofRest© will make the job easier.

The device is quickly adjusted to conform to the users most comfortable height; usually this is where the device top is just below the person's knee. The cradle can also be adjusted to the most comfortable height for the horse. This means whether it is a draft, miniature, or sore hock or stifle horse, the height of the cradle can accommodate.

The adjustable foot on the device rests on the ground so all vertical force is transmitted downward not on the users leg. The cushioned cradle allows the horse to easily and quickly remove its leg. The leg is not held by the cradle, it is merely supported.

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